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Talespin is the product of two fabulous musicians with uniquely creative minds. They bring the concert-going experience to another level. A must see, hear and feel”

Aleksey Igudesman (violinist, composer: “Triology”, “Music and Comedy Company”)


The initiative “Talespin” is one of those all too rare projects combining high professionalism, passionate commitment, pedagogic talent and unbridled curiosity- entertaining children and adults alike. I know of no better, more convincing or effective method to combat the devaluation of music to background noise – all artists and organizers may consider themselves lucky if they can count “Talespin”- listeners among their audiences!”

Claus-Christian Schuster (Pianist- Altenberg Trio)



“Our students found Talespin to be an exhilarating, animated and engaging experience.  It is an excellent resource to be used for educational purposes.  It easily links to curriculum by enhancing student´s imagination in creative writing, and provides a charming insight into culture through yths and legends. Talespin is highly recommendable for other schools and educators”

James S. Walbran,
Director of the Vienna International School


“Talespin is a performance never to be forgotten. The audience is left with a lasting impression created by professional musicianship, art, and cultural story-telling.  It is a valuable concert experience for an audience of any age.”

Michael Pinkerton
Artistic Director - Musicalabteilung