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Sound sample 02:26

Music by Ruei-Ran Wu
Visuals by Nathalie Dieterlé


Zékéyé and the Little Tune
A tale from Cameroon adapted by Nathalie Dieterlé
Performance time ca. 10min

“Today, everyone in the village of the Bamilekes is celebrating; there is rhythmic music and holy songs; old and young alike are calling the rain with their chanting. From all around, hands are tapping, clapping and drumming. Tam ta ra ta tam!

Zékéyé taps; taps the side of the drum. He too wants to make the big drum sing. But he can not reach the top of the drum because he is so small; smaller than his sister Ititi, smaller than the monkey Cocodi, even smaller than the smallest bush.

So Zékéyé makes a tiny instrument for himself; tiny like himself…”

The story of Zékéyé, written by the renowned French author/ illustrator of children’s books, Nathalie Dieterlé and adapted by Talespin, features whimsical, colorful bamboo-brush illustrations that appeal to an all-ages audience.

The music, by Taiwanese composer Ruei-Ran Wu, beautifully complements the sweet, naïve nature of the text featuring elements of African drumming and animal sounds within the framework of a standard 12-bar blues’ style.