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The Wise Daughter

Recording in German 01:39

Illustrations by Gailanne Dill
Music by Emily Doolittle


The Wise Daughter
a Russian-Jewish fairy tale
Performance time ca. 20min

“Once upon a time there were two friends, a tailor and an innkeeper.  They spent as much time together as they could, drinking tea, playing backgammon, and above all, talking.  They talked about everything they could think of: news, weather, politics, town gossip, until one day they talked themselves into a silly dispute over who was cleverest.  Rather than ruin their friendship by arguing over this matter, they decided to ask the king for his opinion…
…‘I know what to do!’, said the king.  ‘I’ll give you three riddles.  Three ancient riddles with as many answers as there are people in the world.  By your answers, I’ll know who is cleverest!’…”

This Russian/Jewish folktale adapted by Emily Doolittle and Talespin, features a precocious innkeeper’s daughter whose wit and wisdom serve to elevate her far beyond her humble birth status. 

Composer Emily Doolittle’s distinctively personal compositional style highlights all the inherent intricacies and interest of the tale and Gailanne Dill´s portrait-like illustrations highlight Russian scenes and images and put intriguing faces to the story’s many memorable characters.