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Nathalie Dieterlé
Nathalie Dieterlé

for Zékéyé and the Little Tune, a tale from Cameroon

Nathalie Dieterlé was born in Ghana and traveled extensively when she was young. She lived in the heart of Africa, in Cameroon and later in Switzerland and France, both in the alpine city of Grenoble and in the beautiful Ardèche region.

She obtained her diplomas from both the école Met de Penninghen in Paris and at the école des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg.

She is a well known author and illustrator in France as many of her captivating stories staring Zékéyé are being used in schools as reading material.

She is currently expending her techinques with a new concept of chinese shadows theater books and of course the latest stories of Zékéyé's adventures.

Nathalie Dieterlé is published in France, USA, Spain, Italy, Greece, Denmark and Korea: http://nathaliedieterle.com