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Sound sample in German 02:06

Music by Erika Chun
Visuals by Kyle Alkema


How Monkey Looked for Trouble
A tale from Trinidad adapted by Talespin
Performance time ca. 10min

“Once upon a time in a very small village there lived an old woman who made the most delicious coconut cakes. People would come from all around just to buy her cakes at the village market. One day, while walking to market, the old lady tripped on a stone and her sack fell to the ground, spilling the cakes all over the ground. “Oh my, look at all the trouble I’ve got here,” she said. “I can’t believe what trouble I’ve got. Now I’ll have to go right back home!”
Monkey, sitting in a tree above the road, had been watching the woman and had heard everything. He was very curious about her trouble, and when she left, he scurried down the tree and went to investigate the trouble scattered across the road...

The light-hearted tale from Trinidad, “How Monkey Looked for Trouble” depicts a cheeky monkey with a limited vocabulary and a soft spot for coconut cakes.

The music, by Austrian/Korean composer Erika Chun is virtuosic and playful in nature and is perfectly complemented by cartoonist Kyle Alkema’s colorful cartoon art.