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Sound sample 01:10

Music by Ben Newhouse
Visuals by Barbara Huppmann


Hondidldo and the Apple Thief
A tale from Austria adapted by Gretl Satorius
Performance time ca. 20min

“In a small town not far from here lived a farmer with three sons. The oldest was named Didldei, the middle, Didldob, and the youngest, Hondidldo.

The farmer also had a magnifi cent apple tree, and one day he noticed that a large number of apples were missing. In order to discover who the thief was, he ordered his oldest son, Didldei, to stand guard that night…”

Talespin’s adaptation of this upper Austrian folk legend features stolen apples, the strange pale men who steal them, and a simple boy who sets out to get them back armed with nothing but a violin.

The music, by American film scorer Ben Newhouse uses elements of traditional Austrian folk melodies, yodeling and dance music while the whimsical illustrations by Austrian illustrator Barbara Huppmann give the work a charmingly traditional, decidedly Austrian flair.