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Deirdre Brenner
Deirdre Brenner


Once upon a time, Deirdre Brenner was born in Massachusetts, USA. She had a mother, a father, and an older brother who played the violin. This made her jealous. So when she was 6 years old she began to learn the piano... BECAUSE IT WAS BIGGER!

A curious child with interest in everything from trigonometry to poetry, she went off to Dartmouth College when she was 18 and left four years later with a degree in both Engineering and Music.

At this point convinced that she was a musician at heart, she moved to London and earned a Master's degree in Piano Accompaniment from the Royal Academy of Music. Her musical adventures have taken her from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, to romantic castles in Ireland, aboard ships in the Mediterranean, and as far away as the Kingdom of Tonga.

She adores children and hopes one day to have lots of them. For now she teaches as many as she can, plays concerts all over the place, and tells stories to all who will listen.