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Barbara Huppmann
Barbara Huppmann

Watercolors for Hondidldo and the Apple Thief, a tale from Austria

Through every stage of her life- birth and early childhood in Indonesia, youth in Holland and America, graphic design studies
and current home in Vienna - the creation of images and drawing have been Barbara Huppmann’s most constant and important means of giving to and expressing herself.

She has lived in Vienna, Austria for the past 40 years, is married to a musician, and has 5 adult children, all of whom are musicians. Her work in graphic design ranges from illustrations for children to wall decoration; from the design and creation of outlandish children’s clothing to the fabrication of dollsand dollhouses. As a mother of five, she holds a special place in her heart for illustration and design with and for children.

Barbara Huppmann created the magical images to accompany the Austrian tale “Hondidldo and the Apple Thief